Solar Electrical


Blue Arc Electrical Systems is excited about solar (photovoltaic) generation. We believe that solar (photovoltaic) generation is an excellent solution for off grid properties or if you are just looking to offset your hydro bill. An off-grid solar system with batteries could save you the purchase price of expensive generators as well as the cost associated with fueling that generator.

Blue Arc Electrical Systems is a premier solar electrical company in Kamloops that is committed to making your homes energy efficient by harnessing solar energy. We specialize in designing, supplying and installing solar installations or solar Photovoltaic System (PV) based on a fully custom made energy-saving design for your home, workplace, or commercial spaces.

With a team of dedicated and skilled solar electricians, we consistently aim to deliver the best energy-saving design for your spaces and install solar panels of high specs that will help convert your home or business to using solar power efficiently.

We congratulate you for making an excellent choice to go solar with us, a decision which will in the future safeguard you against rising fuel prices and harnessing clean energy sources to power your life.

Going solar is a commendable investment and a great solution for off-grid properties looking to balance their hydro energy bills. What’s more, a solar-powered PV system will power many of your electrical appliances ensuring free power during the day. By choosing to go solar, we envision lower electrical bills and highly energy-efficient spaces in your future.

Be it a grid-tied solar system or an off-grid solar panel for your spaces, our team of licensed solar electricians can deliver on all your installation needs like designing and installing solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters and racking and also provide maintenance whenever you need it. Installing an off-grid solar system with batteries could end up saving you big bucks needed to buy expensive generators and on the fuel needed to power it.

As a company providing electrical contracting services, a few of our core competencies include installing roof-mounted solar installation, ground-mounted panel systems and in solar panel ballast systems. Apart from that, we help you make sound decisions right from the start to end of a project whereby we help in making the design, the layout, figuring out the permissions, incentives and finally with the installation and maintenance of your solar PV systems.

We feel that solar technology is the wave of the future. Have an idea, or would like to learn more? Call us today.

Blue Arc Electrical Systems is a local and family-owned company in Kamloops. We stay focused on customer service, and always strive to exceed our client’s expectations. We provide same-day electrical service and keep your house shockproof.